Section I, Section II y North Branch


The ONP begins its journey at Station 1, in San José de Saramuro (Loreto), on the banks of the Marañón River, about 200 kilometers southeast of Iquitos. Then it continues west, in the middle of the jungle, along the Marañón River, to Station 5. Eighty-five percent of the 306 kilometers of 24-inch pipeline spanning Section I is located at the bottom of a flotation channel / trench, and the remaining length is buried.


From Station 5, which is the confluence point with the North Branch Pipeline (ORN), the ONP continues in a southwesterly direction, to Station 6, in Kuzu Grande, Manseriche district, Alto Amazonas province. It continues parallel to the highway, which goes from the town of Mesones Muro to Bagua, in the Amazon region, where Station 7 is located. In a southwesterly direction, it reaches Station 8, in the vicinity of the Playa Azul town, Pucará district, Jaén province, Cajamarca region. At that point, the ONP changes to a northwesterly direction, to Station 9, which is the last pumping station, and from there it begins its ascent towards the Andes mountain range, which it crosses at Paso de Porculla, at a height 2,390 meters above sea level. In this place begins its descent towards the Bayóvar Terminal, crossing the Sechura desert, in the Piura region.


The North Branch made it possible to transport crude oil that is extracted from the oil fields of Lot 192 (formerly Lot 1AB). It begins its journey at Andoas Station and continues in a southwest direction, crossing the Pastaza, Huazaga and Huituyacu rivers, until the Morona river crossing. The pumping station of the same name is located there. Always in a southwesterly direction, it crosses the Marañón River and continues, through flat and dry terrain, until the crossing of the Saramiriza River, reaching Station 5 of the ONP on its final route.

Section I, Section II y North Branch